Samuel Richardson (b. 1998) is a Richmond-based painter.

Dabbling between painting, drawing, sculpture, and interior design, Richardson's current work is a product from technical elements that each practice possesses. Binding the divides between heaven and hell, uncertainty unveils itself in the hallucinatory realms of Richardson's work.

solo shows

2022. Now that's more like it! Myers St. Gallery, Richmond, VA

2020. Murder Cat. Eden Airlines Gallery, Richmond, VA

2019. Be Good, Jackie Pepper. The Well Gallery, Richmond, VA

group shows

2023. HEATWAVE. Mama Projects, New York, NY

2023. Bird on the Wire. TW Fine Art, Palm Beach, FL

2022. Feed Me, Seymour. TW Fine Art, Brooklyn, NY

2022. Pamplemousse. Pamplemousse Gallery, Richmond, VA

2022. ERROR·Restart. Fir Gallery, Beijing, China

2022. Surreal So Good. TW Fine Art, Palm Beach, FL

2022. Burn, Motherf**cker, Burn. TW Fine Art, Palm Beach, FL

2022. bumfuzzle. Soft Times Gallery, San Francisco, CA

2021. sam time tomorrow? Quirk Gallery, Richmond, VA

2021. Quality Time. The Branch Museum, Richmond, VA


2021. UNTITLED Miami. Miami, FL

press and publications

2022. Cover for "Inventing the Shipwreck" by Zachary Loeb for Real Life Magazine

2021. Cover of The Architectural Review issue 1487.

2021. Interview with Style Weekly


2020. BFA, Sculpture. Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA

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