Samuel Richardson, born in 1998 and based in Richmond, emerges as a distinctive painter whose work deftly binds the divides between heaven and hell. In the hallucinatory realms of Richardson's work, uncertainty unveils itself, becoming a central theme that captivates the observer's imagination. His artistic philosophy delves into unearthly phenomena, dissecting and reshaping them to portray a modern world where the prospect of non-human coexistence becomes imminent. Through his works, Richardson invites viewers into a thought-provoking journey, navigating the liminal spaces that bridge the mystical and the mundane, challenging perceptions and offering a unique perspective on the coalescence of the otherworldly within contemporary life.

Veiled in the mystery of unknown events, Richardson’s realms stand as hauntingly hopeful testaments to astral phenomenon. In his most recent series, Serenade to the Supernatural, these scenes bear witness to forces beyond comprehension. The works become portals to different worlds that surpass modern understanding of time and setting. No eyewitness accounts can unravel the mystery, for the events that unfold in Richardson’s work are beyond the realm of human experience. Is it the ethereal presence of ghosts, the enigmatic arrival of extraterrestrial beings, or some unfathomable otherworldly force that renders these scenes into a puzzling riddle?


2024. Serenade to the Supernatural. Petersburg Area Art League, Petersburg, VA


2023. Small Works 2. Soft Times Gallery, San Francisco, CA

2023. HEATWAVE. Mama Projects, New York, NY

2023. Bird on the Wire. TW Fine Art, Palm Beach, FL

2022. Feed Me, Seymour. TW Fine Art, Brooklyn, NY

2022. Pamplemousse. Pamplemousse Gallery, Richmond, VA

2022. ERROR·Restart. Fir Gallery, Beijing, China

2022. Surreal So Good. TW Fine Art, Palm Beach, FL

2022. Burn, Motherf**cker, Burn. TW Fine Art, Palm Beach, FL

2022. bumfuzzle. Soft Times Gallery, San Francisco, CA

2021. sam time tomorrow? Quirk Gallery, Richmond, VA

2021. Quality Time. The Branch Museum, Richmond, VA


2023. ComplexCon: Queer Kicks. Presented by Hijinx Arts and curated by Schlomer Haus Gallery. Long Beach, CA

2021. UNTITLED Miami. Miami, FL

Press and Publications

2023. Complex on Queer Kicks

2023. StreetInsider on Queer Kicks

2023. Spotlight on Artnet News

2022. Cover for "Inventing the Shipwreck" by Zachary Loeb for Real Life Magazine

2021. Cover for The Architectural Review issue 1487.

2021. Interview with Style Weekly


2020. BFA, Sculpture. Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA

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